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FILLON TECHNOLOGIES has been providing paint preparation equipment to bodyshops since 1960.
240 people around the world provide solutions, services, and technical support to paint companies, car manufacturers and distributors.
FT designers study the needs of the automotive industry to develop products that continuously ensure the best results for the refinish painters.


FILLON TECHNOLOGIES has been active for more than 60 years in the paint preparation business. Alongside this, the company has also developed a range of complimentary equipment dedicated to car body shops. Infrared and air dryers, paint gun cleaners and aerosol fillers together guarantee a new level of quality for the car body shop professional.

Paint preparation and storage

Paint preparation and storage is the driving force of FILLON TECHNOLOGIES’ knowhow.
We provide specialist answers to each type of paint (solvent or water-based), whether it needs to be mixed or not.
Among our mixing machines and associated lids, we have two different technologies that have run the test of time:
>> FAS: patented system of transmission pinion and worm screw.
>> FP: patented system of QuickLink® fork drive
The move towards waterborne paints has led FILLON TECHNOLOGIES to provide additional paint storage solutions with or without a heated cabinet.

Infrared rapid drying systems

Paint curing is a vital step in car body shop repairs.
By using the Fillon system of shortwave infrared dryers, the curing time and therefore the vehicle repair time is reduced.

Paint gun cleaners

Paint guns have to be cleaned between each coat of paint applied.
FILLON TECHNOLOGIES’ paint gun cleaners combine ease of use with meeting the environmental requirements.

Aerosol fillers

FILLON TECHNOLOGIES’ aerosol fillers allow the filling of an aerosol of any shade.
With our revolutionary new concept FILL ONE, you can fill one shade after another without cleaning the machine in-between.



For FILLON TECHNOLOGIES, “sustainable development” has several meanings. It defines our approach to making decisions, as well as the management of our impact on the environment and our relationship with our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. But above all, we are fully convinced that a sustainable business ensures its long term growth. As an international player, we are aware of the fact that our impact reaches further than the walls of our premises.

“Sustainable development” has been part of our business culture for years. Our teams, think, create and industrialise tomorrow’s equipment taking great care over the design specifications for our new products. We are fully aware that our product manufacture methods have a direct impact on the environment. We also understand the importance of considering products in terms of their “life cycle” to reduce the business’s impact and its products’ impact on the planet. This is why we use an eco-design approach and make it our duty to permanently examine all aspects of our products (design, manufacture, use and recycling) to make sure that we have taken all possible measures to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum.
This approach implies a global vision, to reduce the need for raw material energy (by working on new materials for example), energy consumption, packaging and waste.
Our latest applications cover:

– The shaft on our lids. We have replaced the stainless steel shaft by a composite shaft which has an increased service life, high resistance, etc.

– The JET CLEAN, a pistol washer that reduces solvent consumption and combines both innovation and savings. It won the EQUIP AUTO 2009 Jury award.

– The FILL ONE, a clean aerosol filling system that respects the environment and the user’s health. Thanks to this equipment, the user does not need to use solvents or toxic cleaning products.

– And finally, the DAISY WHEEL (winner of the EQUIP AUTO Innovation prize and the 2013 Innovation prize for the Centre region of France) an automatic paint doser combining innovation, savings and ecology. This automatic machine can dose paint with extreme accuracy, making it possible to limit paint waste, but above all allowing the user to work in a healthy environment (no more direct contact with paint).
By design, our equipment also helps our customers to meet their own sustainable development objectives. They are not only designed to make everyday use by the refinisher easier, but also to implement processes to limit the use of resources and the waste of materials. We regularly exchange information with test refinishers to identify their needs (creation of new products) and to improve our existing products to better meet their needs.